Shop 11, 441 Algester Road, Parkinson
07 3272 6677

Dr Duy Nguyen do iron infusions at Parkinson Plaza Medical Centre.

First you require a consultation with the doctor to discuss the procedure and fees and benefits a script for the iron infusion is given.

Internal referrals are bulk billed, external referrals are billed per website fees.

If it is deemed an iron infusion is required a 30 min appointment is booked with the nurse and the GP

PLEASE ALLOW 60-90 Minutes in the surgery to allow for observation during and after administration.


Fees are as follows:

HCC holder $150 plus the script purchase of the iron

Non card holder $180 plus the cost of a script for the iron

The account includes a $30 consumable fee to cover the equipment cost

Item 36 is billed to Medicare you will get a rebate of $80.10